Taste Life Slo

How do you launch a new ice cream brand and show Nigerians that life should be enjoyed? 

We found that in life, the best things are savoured.

The same can be said for ice cream.

Which brought about the line - “Taste Life Slo.”

It is all about enjoying the ice cream and enjoying the moment.

We executed this by using Nigerian goddesses as our inspiration.

These goddesses inspired each hand and the jewelry they wear.

After all, who else knows how to savour more than a goddess herself?

Go Slo.png

We shot a series of hand portraits to show off the ice cream.

Along with a series of food porn videos that would be placed all over social media platforms and a song specifically created for the brand.

Each flavour had a pattern created, which acted as a kaleidoscope reiterating tasting life slo.


Goddess Olókun of the Seas

Go Slo2.png
Go Slo.png
Go Slo4.png


Goddess Osanyin of the Forest

Go Slo2.png
Go Slo6.png


Goddess Èṣù of Duality

Go Slo3.png
Go Slo5.png


Goddess Okó of Farming

Go Slo3.png