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Can an ice cream change the way Nigerians approach life

In Nigeria, life is lived in the fast lane. Driven by cutthroat competition for opportunities people need to double-down in order to compete. Which left Nigerians with a feeling of low quality of life. At the same time, Danone needed to launch their new, luxurious ice cream: Go Slo.

This brought up the question: "how do you launch a new ice cream brand and show Nigerians that life should be enjoyed?". The best things in life are often savored, allowing us to take a moment from reality and reset. The same can be said for ice cream. Your first spoonful is pure bliss. Which brought up the idea of Taste Life Slo. It's more than just ice cream but rather a way to teach Nigerians about how to truly live life. 

We chose a visual world based on the goddesses of Nigeria and each respective flavour. After all, a goddess knows exactly how to live life, they created it. 

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 14.53.23.png

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Best in class Design Winner 2021

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Go Slo.png
Go Slo.png

Let's start with the song created specifically to calm people down when heard.

Now let's meet the goddesses and the campaign.


Goddess Olókun of the Seas

Go Slo2.png
Go Slo.png
Go Slo4.png


Goddess Osanyin of the Forest

Go Slo2.png
Go Slo6.png


Goddess Èṣù of Duality

Go Slo3.png
Go Slo5.png


Goddess Okó of Farming

Go Slo3.png
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