We repositioned Standard Bank amongst the Youth by creating a campaign that embodies the current mindset of today’s youth.

#LetsPush is the current attitude of the Youth. They are done waiting for when they grow up, they’re making things happen now despite their challenges. It is deliberately inclusive. Communicating with the audience as equals as opposed to another brand speaking at them. We use our platform to echo their sentiments and achievements. 

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The aim is to encourage the youth to continue defying what traditional standards expected of them.

To always keep breaking boundaries and innovating the way we do things.

They are the generation we have all been waiting for.

We wanted to hero standout individuals while encouraging others to also find their own way.

Creating a series of films featuring real people (entrepreneur, filmmaker, athlete, photographer, and model)

telling their stories of how they overcame their obstacles as young people and pushed through to get to the top.

Society still tries to impose the “traditional” way of doing things despite it failing many youths.

However, the youth continue to find their own way.

We wanted to show society that the youth can do it, they’ve been doing it and will continue to.

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